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stopping two loops simultaneously

How do I stop two loops in my VI simultaneously? I've tried using a local variable, runs perfectly the first time, and stops immediately the second time. Can someone help me pls? thanks
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Hi Flibberty...,

you have to set your stop button back to false.



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is there any way to do it automatically?
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  1. Make the stop button "latch action". This way it will reset automatically once read by the code.
  2. Delete the local variable. You don't need it.
  3. Place the terminal inside the loop on the left, replacing the local variable.
  4. Add a stop event case to the event structure. You don't need the terminal here.

 See attached.


You still have some horrible code constructs. I thought we gave you some advice quite a while ago.

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thanks for the help.. i still havent really got the grasp of labview yet.. 
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