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@hlod wrote:

Hi, thanks for help but it's not what I want. Once again:


I want to generate number as one string in that order:

value 13.5 for 5 seconds after this finished, I want at same string for 6 seconds value 17 and after this finished I want value 13.5 for 5 seconds; This is just example what I want to do. I need this values, because I will seending this to visa write; and each of this values represent VOLTS for power supply. I hope now is all cleared, and once again I don't want 13.51713.5....or any other thing.


Thanks again for your help.

You said 'once again'... If you had described it this way the first time a whole lot of confusion would have been avoided.

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I don't know why I was trying with 'case'. The main problem at me is that I always started wrong and then all complicate.. 

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Hi, I tried this method which is attached , but I need visa outside of for loop. How can I do this, try to disable indexing, but it's not working.





PS: I have LV 8.5

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There's nothing wrong with that loop. The VISA resource is being passed in through a tunnel. And please explain "doesn't work". This means nothing without information as to what "doesn't work".


This is a very basic question. Really, have you done any of the LabVIEW tutorials, as has been mentioned before more than once? To learn more about LabVIEW it is recommended that you go through the introduction material, tutorial(s), and other material in the NI Developer Zone's Learning Center which provides links to other materials and other tutorials. There are also several Technical Resources. You can also take the online courses for free.

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I didn't write that this loop is not working.


But I write that I need "write to VISA" outside of this "for loop" and if I try this is not updating values correctly. I also try with shift register and disable indexing also  local variable but without success, so one again I need value of number outside of "for loop" and not inside.

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I'm sorry, but I honestly have no clue what you are trying to do.


Maybe somebody else can understand what you are trying to say.

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Please see picture. For testing I use instead VISA,  indicator.

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It makes no sense to have your write outside the loop. Your image does nothing to explain why you want to do this.
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Well I need value outside of for loop !!!

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Then use a producer/consumer design as shown in the examples.
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