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stepper motor speed control

Dear Reader,
I want to control the speed of a 4-phase stepper motor using LabVIEW 6i and PCI 6024E card. Hence I am approaching you for help and advice. I want to control the speed of a stepper motor, which is used for rotating the diffraction grating used in the monochromator.
Please try and answer a few of my questions:
1. Can I interface the stepper motor directly with the card PCI 6024E, or I need a drive for that purpose?
2. I just want to rotate the stepper motor at a fixed speed, meaning that I don’t want to change the speed of the stepper motor in between, I need a few fixed speeds, what are the problems of controlling the stepper motor using the PCI 6024E cards?
3.Have you been successful in interfacing your stepper motor
with the 6025E card?
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Please answer the above questions and share with me you expertise.
Thanking you
Himanshu Mishra
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