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stepper motor in CW and CCW direction

I want to rotate stepper motor in both directions including some delay between forward and backward. my criteria for stepping motor is :3 revs * 20 step /rev * 8 microsteps /step = 480 microsteps. 

i made the VI but the motor is not running but it get hot. 


if someone can help me with this.


I attached the program 

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You have not really given enough back ground information to assist. It would be helpful to describe your HW set-up too (Daq model, motor model)

Ignoring the atrocious wiring mess... The attached code is missing the sub-vis. However, looking at what is available, the "task out 0" terminal floating out there by it's self is probably the first clue...


I am guessing that you will be getting errors in your sub vi's because of it.

If you haven't already, please take a look at Learn LabVIEW Basics so you will understand the basics of data flow

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thank you for your response.


I have IM483 motion and DAQ. UMI-7764 for analog.


I want to turn motor (3 revs * 20 step /rev * 8 microsteps /step = 480 microsteps )
480 micro-step CW than wait for 100 ms than come back to absolute position( CCW) than wait 100 ms than start whole loop again. 


if you can help me with these that would be great help.



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Before diving into code and the DAQ, I would bench test the motor/driver setup by itself using some switches to verify proper operation first.

Also, did you set the current limit on the driver for your motor (for which you have provided no details on).

Driver manual:



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