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standalone application wont start on power up

Hi! I have a VI  that i want to run on my real time c series controller. I want the VI to run when the controller powers up. Ive tried to make a real time build and then set it to "run as start up". When i reboot the controller i cant get the vi to run. However, if i put it as "set as startup" and then follows the pop-up window and finally press ok when it wants to restart the controller it works perfectly. But only once. If i again reboot the controller the VI doesnt run. Any clues? I use a c series 9063 controller. 

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Can this be problem?

If your controller is set to obtain its IP address from a DHCP server, the EXE will only launch when the controller is able to obtain a valid IP address. If the system must start on boot up without a network connection, you can set a static IP address by following these steps:

  1. Detect the remote system in National Instruments Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX.) On the Network Settings page of the controller, disable the Halt System if TCP/IP Fails option.
  2. Assign a static IP to the Remote Controller by selecting Edit IP Settings instead of Obtain IP address from DHCP server option. Do not use the DHCP server in this case where the controller might be disconnected from the network.
  3. Reboot the remote system.


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Thanks for the answer! Good article. I programed the VI to power on a led when its running, and it actually seams like its running. I can se the led goes on after reboot. But i communicate with my program via UDP and it works fine when i run it in development mode. I have also managed to use the UDP communication i the case i mentioned prevoiusly (after i selected "set as start up" and reboot). Ive still havent tried the static ip fix, will try that tomorrow. 

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Ive solved the problem now. Not completely sure about what caused it, but after a file system reset and a new build it worked. 

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