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staff line detection and removal

Good day,

I am trying to find a way to remove staff lines from music score for further processing. I am working on OMR (optical music recognition). I am not sure if it is possible with labview but there are some similiar projects using opencv and python. but my work is based on labview. So i was wondering of i can actually use anything to get it done. 


I know the steps for staves detection using C++.

1. line detection (using histogram profiling or hough transform)

2. filter the line from original image


my problem is that

1. I can use hough transform to detect line but theoritically it won't provide me with enough pixels to remove the whole staff but only a part. so I am wondering if someone has used histogram profiling to detect lines?

2. how to filter the line from original image?

3. any way to import  opencv to labview? ( problem remains because i am using 64 bit system and can't call 32 bit .dll, really stuck on this one.)


Thank you so much for any suggestions and help.

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please mention it when you cross-post

We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.


Antoine Chalons

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All of the thing that you told is possible in labview But your project is so big than any beginner in labview could handle it well in short time
also it is better to break your question in several part
some part of your questions were answered before
i was familiar with OMR in one of TED Conference . That is nice but so far from being
trust able methods
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