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sql query across multiple tables ina database


I have 3 MS Access tables in database that are linked by keyed fields in the table.  Is there a way to fetch only certain records that match a criteria across all three of these tables using the database connectivity toolset VIs?

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Yes. Search for the use of joins in SQL query. Also, Access has a query wizard that can then display the SQL syntax. I haven't used Access on years, though and I don't remember which menu option that is.
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Thanks.  I am trying to mechanize/run an SQL query like this 


SELECT Code_Type.Code_NUM, Code_Type.Code_Word, Word_Type.Parm_Label, Word_Type.Word_Sequence, Word_Type.Num_Words, Parameter_Label.Parm_Label, Parameter_Label.Parm_Name, Parameter_Label.Num_Bits, Parameter_Label.Num_Bits
FROM (Code_Type INNER JOIN Word_Type ON Code_Type.Code_Word = Word_Type.Code_Word) INNER JOIN Parameter_Label ON Word_Type.Parm_Label = Parameter_Label.Parm_Label;



while using the VIs in the database connectivity toolset.  How do I code this using these VIs?  I dont see an example of a straight SQL string like this being able to be put into the VIs.

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It's been a long time since I used the toolkit and I don't have it installed but I know one of the functions is for a direct SQL query. The top level functions hide that but you just have to dig a little deeper on the palette. The context help window is your friend here.
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Thanks, I got the SQL query to execute but how do I see all the results in a table?  All I can get is a recordset ref returned where I have to navigate one record at a time....

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