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split one PFI into two PFI

Is it possible to let one input:PFI1 split into two output: PFI2 and PFI3?


I had success try PFI1 route to PFI2 by using "DAQmxConnectTerms". It can work for 1to1 instead of 1to2.

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Why?  What's the purpose?  If the signal goes out to external equipment, just wire them all to the original PFI1.  If you want other tasks to see the signal on PFI1, you can often (usually?) configure those tasks to get the desired signal directly from PFI1.


Making a routing connection from PFI1 to PFI2 (and perhaps another from PFI1 to PFI3) is usually an "indirect route" as seen in MAX, and accomplishing such a route typically consumes one of your on-board counters.



-Kevin P

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Hi Kevin, thanks for reply. I let input:pfi1 send to FPGA PXI_TRIG0 (using DAQmxConnectTerm). At the same time, I want use this input signal for another task. Is it possible to use PXI_TRIG0 for two task at the same time?

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Sorry for the long delay, I somehow missed your reply.  You've probably already figured this out by now, but the answer is almost certainly yes.  I've set up a scheme with timing signals on an extended PXI chassis where more than a dozen boards each had their own tasks with sampling driven by the same PXI_Trig line.  



-Kevin P

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