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split 2D Array by row

Has anyone ever split a 2D array by row, similar to split 1D array but for 2D?
What i mean is when you enter a given row number, it will split the array at that row.
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Hi Fred,

Here's how I would do it...just a little trickery with Array Size and Delete from Array.  I'd be interested to see what approaches other people would take.  I'm thinking you could also do it with a couple of Array Subsets, but there might be more memory overhead with that approach...I'm not entirely sure...


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DNatt, LV R&D
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Darren, you can do the exact same thing with no code other than Delete From Array simply by wiring 0 into the index input and the split index into the length input. The only difference is that the outputs would be reversed.

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This is how I would use array subsets.  Like Darren, I worry that it would not be very memory efficient for larger arrays.  Looking at the code, both you and I know that half the array is going to one subset and half is going to the other.  But I don't know if LabView knows that.  I suspect it makes a copy of the entire array on the off chance that the subarrays overlap.  Whereas the delete from array explicitly has two parts: the part that was deleted, and the part that wasn't.

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Good call, tst...when I first read the problem, I thought it could be done with just a single Delete From Array, but I didn't think long enough about it, and went with the first thing that came to me.


DNatt, LV R&D
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