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source path of the installer



at the first start of  my labview application (after the installation) I want to copy some files from the "installation drive" to the harddisk.


For this I need the source path of the installer, but I doesn´t  know where to get it.

Can I read it with a labview system VI oder is the path anywhere in the registry (or can the installer write it in the registry)?





PS: the files should NOT be copied by the Installer, they must be copied by the labview program.

      LV 8.6.1 

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Hi jan9101,

the installer can write into the registry, but how do you make sure that the installation device is still available with the first start? Maybe the cd isn't available anymore.



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Hi MikeS81,


that should not be a problem, the Labview program starts automaticly after the installation.


Do you know how to wirte the source path of the installer into the registry ?





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Hi jan,

i found no place where to directly make it in the installer, but you can create a batch file with this code.


echo Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 >> test.reg echo [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Test] >> test.reg SET STRING=%~p0 IF "%STRING:~-1%"=="\" SET STRING=%STRING:~0,-1% SET STRING=%STRING:\=\\% echo "test1"="%~d0%STRING%" >> test.reg SLEEP 2 test.reg


Run it after your installation. See the advanced key in your installer settings. If it run, it creates a reg file and call this regfile to write the created entry into your registry.



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Another option is to add the files to your project (or an autopopulating folder), and create a distribution for these items.

In the installer you can include this distribution and the files should be copied.



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