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source is 1d array of cluster of 1 element the sink is 1d array of double

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When i am trying to calculate statistics of peak present in the data of analog voltage pulse train. I am getting the error "source is 1d array of cluster of 1 element the sink is 1d array of double". can anyone help? may be this a small error! but i have tried so many types. attached vi along with this post. 

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The error more or less tells you what is happening, but I think I can point you in the right direction.

The Waveform Peak function is taking in an array of waveforms (1 waveform per channel you are reading). As such, the output is an array of clusters (1 cluster for each waveform) where each cluster contains a single array of doubles. The requires an array of doubles, so you will need to programmatically fetch the individual array outputs from the Waveform Peak 

Something similar to this should work, using a For Loop to iterate through the array of clusters and an Unbundle by Name to fetch the array of doubles from each individual channel's cluster.

Charlie J.
National Instruments
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Thank you providing for the good idea!

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