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sound file data representation

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I am loading audio with the Sound File Read vi then normalising the data to set the full scale value to unity. But the Divide vi unexpectedly coerces the data to extended precision. It does this even though I explicitly convert the data to Dbl.


This seems to be a property of the Y-value array itself (attached vi) and doesn't happen with 'normal' waveform data.

If I then index the waveform channel, the WDT Index Channel vi cannot cope with Ext and promptly coerces the data back to Dbl.

The detailed help for Divide says:

'You can manually configure this function to output data of a type you want. To specify the output data type, right-click the function and select Properties to display the Object Properties dialog box. On the Output Configuration page...'

But, whether or not that would help, no such page exists on my Divide vi properties.


Obviously I could 'solve' this by unbundling the waveform but am I missing something?

Thanks, David


LabVIEW 18.0

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Accepted by topic author DavidTee
02-09-2019 02:24 AM
  • Your orange "1" diagram constant is EXT, make it DBL instead (right-click...representation).
  • No conversion needed anywhere. Remove all the "ToDBL nodes.
  • Your FOR loop makes no sense.
  • Eliminate all that duplicate code. Only the blue constants should be inside the case structure.

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