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some of my vision vis are missing

recently i have been having a lot of trouble with a couple of vision VIs.
In particular I am missing the VIs that allow you to turn an IMAQ image to a string. Naturally I have code that I need to edit that uses these VIs.
I have LabVIEW 8.0.1 and Vision 7.1, with IMAQ for 1394 2.0.1.
I recently uninstalled everything and did a fresh install of these three packages. I also followed the instructions to run visutils and so, but still these two VIs are missing.
Any help is appreciated.
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The problem is that since your versions of IMAQ and Vision are old and made prior to LabVIEW 8, they will not install support for LabVIEW 8 by default.  Check out this KnowledgeBase that talks about the custom installation you'll have to perform:
Christopher W.
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I have already tried this. In particular I followed case # 3. I still am missing the flatten IMAQ to string VIs. I think if I had not done the steps in this knoweldgebase I would be missing a lot more VIs.
Any other ideas?
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So you are missing the IMAQ Flatten Image to but not the other Vision VIs.  I'm not sure why you would be missing some of the Vision VIs and not others.  Can you give me a list of all the VIs that you are missing?
Christopher W.
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i made a vi on another machine that had all the vision VIs.
When I try to opne it on my laptop it asks me to find files "Default IMAQIO (FPGA).lvbit", "nirviMethod.xnode", "nirviCloseFPGA.xnode", "nirviReadWriteControl.xnode", "", "nirviOpenFPGA.xnode", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "Fifo_DMA_Config.ctl", "IMAQ IO Enable", "IMAQ IO Query", "IMAQ IO Read Shutdown", "IMAQ IO Write Shutdown", "IMAQ WindNonTearing", "IMAQ WindBackground", "IMAQ Write JPEG2000 File", "IMAQ Flatten Image Options", and "IMAQ Remote Display Options".
Once the VI was open several VI had ? instead of thier normal icon.
The entire ni-imaq i/o palette was missing.
Under vision utilities->image management the VIs "IMAQ Remote Display Options" and "IMAQ Flatten Image Options" are missing.
Under vision utilities->files IMAQ Write JPEG 2000 file" is a ?.
Under vision utilities->external display "IMAQWindBackground" and "IMAQWindNonTearing" was not found.
Under vision utilities->vision RT "IMAQRemote Display Options" is missing.
Any ideas?
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Ok, I thought maybe you were only missing a few VIs.  There really is nothing else you can do other than reinstall the Vision Development Module and the Vision Acquisition Software.  The Vision Acquistion Software includes IMAQ, IMAQ IEEE, and IMAQ I/O.  It is important to note that those are three separate software items.  The IMAQ IEEE and IMAQ I/O need to be activated.
Christopher W.
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Well, I did a repair on the sections you pointed out and then made the point to check the licensing manager to make sure each was activated. The next thing to try will be to uninstall and re-install.
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