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some issue when communicated with arduino the first time


when communicated with the arduino mega 2560 via the usb port.

there is an very instresting issue, 

every time when the arduino power on,

I use the visa to send command to the arduino, the ERROR out from the

but if I send the command again, it will not Error.

the ERROR only appear one time, and only appera the first time when the arduino power on. 

I push the reset button on auduino board, but error did not appeare even the ardunio restart. 


So, why the first command will ERROR after the arduino power on.

Is something wrong in LabVIEW or Windows?



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@leaven wrote:


Is something wrong in LabVIEW or Windows?


There probably is not "something wrong with LabVIEW" (concerning your problem).  There is also probably not "something wrong with Windows".  Most likely, there is something wrong either the connection between the Arduino and your PC (a.k.a. "hardware") or something wrong in the LabVIEW code that you used (a.k.a. "software").  If we saw your code (meaning the VI or VIs that you used, not "pictures" of the code, but the actual code, so we could run it ourselves on our PCs), we might be able to explain why it behaves the way you told it to behave.  Otherwise, it is just idle speculation ...


Bob "Attach Your Code" Schor

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