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software trigger counters with DAQmx on a NI 6602

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I would like to software trigger multiple counters for output of digital signals with different initial delays. I'm using a NI PXI-6602.


In my first attached vi I show how I send a digital singal from one counter.

In the second vi I set up two counters and added a daqmx trigger vi. But I'm not sure which trigger source to use and how to create the software trigger. Could you plase help.


Thank you!

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A couple possibilities:


1.  If you know which counter will have the lowest initial delay ahead of time, you can just make the other counters trigger off of the internal output of this counter (set the appropriate initial delays relative to the output of the first counter).  Or if you have an unused counter you can use it for this purpose.


2.  You can trigger all of the counters from a single hardware signal on a PFI line.  You can use a software-timed digital output task to strobe the line high after you have armed all of your counters.



I didn't look at your vis by the way since the computer I'm on is running LV 2011 at the moment.



Best Regards,

John Passiak
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