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Can someone tell me how to take
a snapshot gif (or tif, jpeg, whatever)
image of the control panel and the diagram window?

I can't seem to find the help on this.

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If you are just needing an image of the screen you have on your computer,
one way to do it is using print screen if you are in windows.
Bring up the view that you want, then hit print screen, then open up paint
and then select past from the edit menu. This works for anything in
windows, then you can crop or edit the picture how you like and save it.
Also I think you can use print in labview to print to HTML. I'm not sure if
you can get the image from the html file then or not. Hope this helps, if
not just let me know and I'll try to help more.


Tom Impelluso wrote in message <>...
>Can someone tell me how to take
>a snapshot gif (or tif, jpeg, whatever)
>image of the control panel and the diagram window?
>I can't seem to find th
e help on this.
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The easist way in Windows is to press alt+Print screen - this will copy the
active window to the clipboard. From there you can open paint and paste (Paint
will ask if you want to enlarge the image size - agree).

This is for win95 only. Hope that is what you were looking for.

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Sorry I meant Win95 and up, I can't remember if this works with older windows
versions, but 95,98,2K it works (alt+Print screen to copy active window OR
ctrl+print screen for whole desktop)

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