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skip frequency / Frequenz überspringen

When the amplitude reaches 0.25, it should be continued to the next frequency and the sound should not be played at this value.


The problem is:

When I only set "=0.25" without the loop counter one frequency is skipped. So I used, like you said, the loop counter. Now the frequency is not skipped, but at the value of 0.25 a sound is played:

1) When i trigger the event when the loop counter is 0, the sound is played only on the right channel of the headphone

2) When i trigger the event when the loop counter is not 0, the sound is played  only on the left channel of the headphone


The solution is:

1) A sound at 0.25 is played, but on both channels

2) No sound is played


When the first solution is used, a frequency is skipped like before. So it make sense to use the second one, like mentioned in the first row.


Best regards


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You say no sound should be played at amp 0.25.

So you could:

- when amp = 0.25 overwrite it with 0 (independent of the loop counter i)

- when amp = 0.25 AND i=0 trigger event



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I think we understand each other somehow wrong. Smiley Sad


When I overwrite the amp with 0 (independent of the loop counter) one frequency is skipped and this was the problem at beginning.


When I trigger the event when amp is 0.25 and loop counter is 0, no frequency is skipped, but as i mentioned in my last post, a sound is played, but only on the right channel.


How can I play the sound on both channels (better its played right than wrong) without skipping a frequency or how can I make also this amp to 0?


Best regards


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