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single plane balancing

There is now an example of single plane balancing in the LabVIEW 2012 Sound and Vibration Toolkit, see here:



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Single plane balancing: To develop this module, first i need to acquire the data from accelerometer and tachometer. Accelerometer gives unbalance in magnitude (mm/sec) at 1x RPM and tacho gives RPM. I should get magnitude and phase information from two signals. I am struggling in getting Magnitude and phase information.


Some one help me in doing this.




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The same has been given in two pane balancing but not working.

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If u need i can share the concept........ and i can give my code which i have done in matlab.. Please do help me in labview

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Do you have access to the Sound and Vibration Measurement Suite?  It has validated routines for calculating phase and magnitude.  It also contains the single plane balancing source code (version 2012). 

You can downdload an evaluation version here:


Let us know if this helps. 



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i have downloaded but there is no source code for single plane balancing. Please give me a example code or vi

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>>Test-drive today

Begin Download (1.3 GB)


After you install the Sound and Vibration Measurement Suite, you will have a full version available for evaluation.


Try the single-plane balancing example which can be found using Example Finder or directly at the following path:

...\LabVIEW 2012\examples\Order Analysis\Single Plane Balancing


Once you activate the software (a valid serial number is required to activate), you will be able to open the source code in the licensed libraries.

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Hi mr l want to do experimental balancing test may i ask questions?

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Please start a new thread to ask a new question? The community will do our best to answer!

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