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simulation help

Hi, i am preparing for my clad test as per preparation guidelines for lab view 2017. On the very first topic in hardware section when simulating the physical channels for analog input it does not give required result. Is there any error in the program that is created or something else.

Is there method to analyse no.of columns & no. of rows in given seconds or calculate the time it will take to accomplish the task? I have been trying to solve it out but didn't work .Please explain how the whole process works.Yours reply will be very helpful.Please download the attachment below.






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You don't understand how DAQmx works.  You specified Continuous Sampling and a Sampling Rate of 10KHz, but failed to specify a Number of Samples/Channel in the DAQmx Read function.  Suppose you specified 1000 samples.  What do you think would happen when you specified "Read 1000 samples at 10 KHz"?  How much time would it take?  How many data points will you get?  What will be the size of the output array?  Why (oh, why?) do you need another Timing Function in this loop?


Bob Schor

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