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simulate left mouse click doesn't work on a software running as an administrator and with WinXP compatible mode

By calling windows API(user32.dll), one can program with LabVIEW for simulating left mouse click on a third party software GUI.

It works for most softwares. But I met an exception.

I am running Win7-32bit OS. There is a program which has to be run as an administrator and with WinXP compatible mode.  The LabVIEW-simulated left mouse click doesn't work on it.


Any solution?


LabVIEW 2013SP1 (Win7 32bit)




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Have you found a solution? I have a simulair problem now.

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There is likely none. This is a security enhancement in Windows that disallows message passing between different applications that do not have the same elevated rights. This is to prevent injecting values from low privileged tasks to higher privileged tasks.


If you check this on MSDN you will see this note:


This function is subject to UIPI. Applications are permitted to inject input only into applications that are at an equal or lesser integrity level.


Same should apply to SendMessage() and PostMessage() as otherwise one could possibly intercept keystrokes or cause a privileged application to process commands from a lower privileged application.

Rolf Kalbermatter
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I got a possible solution.


Start LabVIEW with administrator  authority and WinXP compatible  mode. You may get an error message, just skip it and continue.



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