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simulate induction motor online starting with labview

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Hi All,

         I want to simulate induction motor online starting with Labview. I have installed labview 2009,with control design and simulation,simulation interface toolkit

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So what is your question?  What have you tried already?
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I have searched for induction motor module inside labview, I have come up with Induction "Motor Speed Control Using Constant Voltage to Frequency Principle" example. But I want to just start a motor with some AC signal, and measure its torque,
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Have you looked at the free online LabVIEW tutorials?


Introduction to LabVIEW 3 hour tutorial

Introduction to LabVIEW 6 hour tutorial


Also, there is a control design and simulation tutorial:


Introduction to LabVIEW in 3 Hours for Control Design and Simulation


Check those out...they should get you started.

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Can you tell me, what type of NI hardware I acquire
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First you said you want to simulate and induction motor starting.  I don't know exactly what you want to simulate, is it modeling voltage, current, feedback loops, speed, torque of an induction motor?  That is all calculations and has nothing to do with hardware.


Or do you want to actually start a real motor, which has nothing to do with simulating anything.  If you want to start a motor, you will need a data acquisition card with a digital output or a relay output.  With that you can drive another relay which can drive a motor starter relay.

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Actually, I want  hardware realisation of this, Just want to simulate first.

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If you want to "simulate" a digital output, then just put a boolean LED indicator on your front panel.  Later when you have your hardware selected, you can replace the boolean LED with a wire going to your DAQmx function that writes out the digital output line.
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But can you give me , some sort of help in making the simulation. The induction motor should be single phase. Supply 220 volt 50 hz. The motor is to be monitored to torque.undervoltage and overvoltage sensors are required to cut the supply when voltage is increased below or above the safe limits. The motor is to be started directly with the supply voltage.
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Accepted by topic author 444444

No, because I really don't know what you are doing.


What are you simulating?  So far, all you've wanted to do is how to "simulate" turning on a motor.  A motor is either on or off.  So you have a boolean value that would drive a digital output which would drive a motor contactor/starter if you had any of that hardware.  Since you don't, all you can do is put a boolean indicator on your front panel.


Do you want to simulate inputs from these sensors as well?  Then put some front panel controls that you can adjust which you can later replace with the signals coming from these sensors.

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