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simulate induction motor online starting with labview

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Can, anybody reply to this topic


I want to simulation of this topic


. The induction motor should be single phase. Supply 220 volt 50 hz. The motor is to be monitored for torque.undervoltage and overvoltage sensors are required to cut the supply when voltage is increased below or above the safe limits. The motor is to be started directly with the supply voltage.

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1.  Define your requirements.  What, precisely, does your program have to do?  Make a list of those things.

2.  Write down the steps necessary to fulfill those requirements (i.e. set up DAQ card...turn on motor...start data acquisition...monitor parameters...while motor is running, check for faults....if fault occurs, do X...etc.)

3.  Write down the inputs and outputs necessary for each of those steps.

4.  Design a front panel that has all of the necessary inputs and outputs (i.e. the "motor on/off" switch, indicators for the parameters you want to monitor, a "stop program" button for shutting down your program when you're all done running it, maybe a "fault" indicator of some sort...etc)

5.  Write the LabVIEW code to perform all of the steps you have defined, using the inputs and outputs you have defined.

6.  If the LabVIEW code you have written doesn't work the way you expect, post the code on this forum and ask specific questions about the unexpected behavior.


If you do not know how to write the LabVIEW code, then please go through the tutorials I linked for you earlier, so that you can learn how.

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Anyone can give the circuit of induction motor in labview. Also where can I get the information about parameters of induction motor like torque,speed,rotor stator resistance,currents.



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