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signal express tc calibration to daq assistant calibration

I ran some calibrations in Signal Express for K-type thermocouples. I didn't realize that those calibrations don't carry over to other NI programs. I would like those same calibration values to be used in the DAQ Assistant, rather than completing all my calibrations over again. Is there a way that LabVIEW can grab the Signal Express calibrations and use them?

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Hi Jdezman,


I will try and help you with this aspect of hardware calibration.


NI-DAQmx will allow you to do a system calibration. Once creating your task in signal express, there will be a 'Calibration' tab under the 'Thermocouple Setup'. This will direct you to the 'Calibration Wizard'. This Wizard is the same in both Signal Express and the 'Measurement and Automation Explorer' (MAX).


There is a KnowledgeBased article which will guide you through this process:


Hope this helps with your system calibration. Please let me know how you get on,



Aaron. E
Product Performance Engineer
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I realize I didn't make it clear earlier, but I do know how to calibrate my equipment. I wanted to transfer the values from Signal Express to LV. Well, I just discovered under the Tools menu, the Generate Code option. So, I think I may have found the answer.

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Hi Jedzman,


Ah sorry for the misunderstanding. Yes you were correct in thinking that the greater code option should produce the code for the calibration.


There is also a calibration palette within:


Measurement IO > NI DaqMX > Advanced > Calibration


This provides functionality that allows the running of calibration sequences.


Hope this helps, if you do require any further help feel free to get in touch.





Aaron. E
Product Performance Engineer
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