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sht11 and ni usb-6009

i have this temperature senzor. i need a instrument driver to connect this sensor. to indicate temperature and umidity, and final to send a analog signal to control a cooler fan. please help with something.



reply to this email please 



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Hi darckreign1984,


Since your sensor uses bidirectional serial communication I believe you will be using mostly the NI-VISA and NI 488.2 drivers.  We do have a section on the National Instruments website that focuses on drivers written for third party instruments found at  I did a quick search for the company that makes the SHT11(Sensirion) and found two plug and play drivers that have been written for the SHT71 and SHT75.  I believe these are going to be your best bet as a starting off point and might be something you may need to tweak to get it to work with the SHT11.  Please find the link below to the drivers.,n2:RS.sensirion,ss...


Happy programming!




Kyle S

Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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i cant use this driver. error 9999    General Error

my ni us-6009 its posible to need a firmware update .. to use daqmx driver?    be caouse in labview i can insert only daq not daqmx future 

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The NI-DAQ version may not support your version of LabVIEW.

Here is the compatability matrix.  MAX Software tab will tell you what versions of LabVIEW and NI-DAQ you have installed

"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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Look at this example:


You have to use the DIO to communicate with that sensor.  I know there are examples in the discussion forum that show how to do this.


Good Luck

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i have labview 2010, and daq driver version 9.3  this file NIDAQ930f2, i can use my analog input. i dont now how to properly create a driver or test digital input, at last binari code  i think for sht11. thanks in advance.

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my fault. i instaled 2 driver daq and daqmx base. after uninstaling daqmx base its working. iupi

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Hi darckreign1984,


That's great to hear you got things working!




Kyle S

Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Hi Kyle,


I am a novice who would like to use Sensirion's SHT75's sensors with LabView (ver. 11.0 32-bit, running on Windows XP) for simultaneous logging.


Funds are too limited to purchase the "Evaluation Kit EK-H4 for Humidity Sensors SHTxx" which appears to operate with a proprietary serial language and - so I am seeking advice on alternatives to interface and operate these sensors. 


I see from your post where the drivers can be found. Do you have any advice on the remaining (hardware, and any software) items required? e.g. to interface the SHT75 with the PC. 


Thank you!

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I should add that my department might already have NI Multifunction DAQ's I could use, avoiding this cost. I see the drivers for "NI-DAQmx 7.5 - Windows 2000/XP/NT" can be found here

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