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set up a CompactRIO - the LabVIEW real-time module does not appear

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Dear NI,


I am trying to set up a CompactRIO (cRIO-9054).


I am using 32 bit LabVIEW 2017 SP 1


My issue is that when I get the stage in Max to install software, the LabVIEW real-time module does not appear in the list of software that I can install, and everything depends on the LabVIEW real-time module so I can't install anything.


When I try to install NI-RIO 19.6 I get the error message:
"NI-RIO 19.6 requires LabVIEW Real-Time 14.0"
"Possible reason: The feature's Real-Time support for this target type may not be installed"


My reasoning is that the LabVIEW real-time module should appear in the list of software that I can install and the dependencies should automatically include it when i choose to install NI-RIO 19.6

Here are some details of what I did.

At first I used an existing installation of LabVIEW that I had installed LabVIEW softmotion, LabVIEW real-time module, LabVIEW FPGA module, and the NI CompactRIO Drivers.


There were several other modules installed, namely:
Ni-Visa 18.5
Cambridge SDK


I used Max to install firmware where I was directed and used the file "cRIO-9054_7.1.0.cfg"
I read online that the correct firmware should be found there.
Is this the Correct File/Version? I can't see where the firmware versions are mention on


When I used MAX I encountered the problem mentioned above


I tried reinstalling LabView Real-Time module, re installing the NI CompactRIO Drivers and had the same problem.


So, I tried un installing LabVIEW and installing everything again


To uninstall, I used the Package manager where i selected everything except for the package manager and uninstalled everything there.


I then went to control panel -> uninstall programs and uninstalled Cambridge SDK, all IVI programs, and all VISA programs.
I un-instaled the package manager.
I rebooted

I then deleted the National Instruments folder in "Program Files (x86)"

I Followed the directions on this page:


And installed, in this order:
LabVIEW Full Development System 2017 SP1
LabVIEW Real-Time Module for LabView 2017
LabVIEW FPGA Module for LabView 2017 SP1
NI CompactRIO Device Drivers (file ni-compactrio-device-drivers_19.6.0.49154-0+f2_offline)

I then went back to Max and found that it had remembered my CompactRIO device (it was shown in the list of remote systems even though it wasn't plugged in).


I connected CompactRIO and went to software, and experienced the same problem as above.


Please can you help me out?



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Accepted by topic author CameronFromPerth

Hello Cameron,


The cRIO-9054 is one of our newest products in the CompactRIO field, and therefore requires LabVIEW 2018 or higher.


You can find more information here: Software Support for CompactRIO, CompactDAQ, Single-Board RIO, R Series, and EtherCAT and cRIO-9054 Controller Manual 



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Thanks Oscar


I was able to get passed that issue by installing LabVIEW 2019




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