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serial read, and data import into spreadsheet

Dohh. I meant to change that from 8 to 7, I guess I forgot.


There should be some examples notifiers in the example finder.


You could have probably also just used an indicator and a local variable to transfer the data from one loop to the other.  Generally we don't encourage local variables.  But considering the 10-20/sec loop rate on one loop, and the 1 per 5 second rate on the other loop, the normal concerns about race conditions and local variables probably wouldn't be an issue here.

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Thanks.  Question: what does the data flow through to make it to the upper while loop?

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@tgilbert wrote:

Thanks.  Question: what does the data flow through to make it to the upper while loop?

In the case of a notifier?


LabVIEW sets aside a spot in memory that it can synchronize the two loops with.  When the Wait on Notification determines that new data was placed by the Send Notification, it grabs the data and continues.


In the case of a local variable?


The local variable is basically a space in memory that is a copy of the data that is written to the indicator.

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How does LabVIEW know to set aside a spot in memory for the serial data (and not the Date or Time data, for example)?

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I don't know.


It is just part of whatever mechanism / algorithms that LabVIEW uses to compile the graphics and nodes and wires of a block diagram into a level of machine code that it can execute.  The use of the notifier functions is just one of many ways that LabVIEW knows what it is you are trying to do.

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Alas...this will do just fine.  Thanks for all your help.







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