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serial port init I/O help needed?

How can I setup a simple labview vi that will do basic serial port I/O?
I just want to send a command string, read back the response, and be
able to configure the serial communication (baud rate, data bits, stop
bits, parity).

I have an instrument that needs the serial line configured for 2400
baud, 7 data bits, Even parity, 1 stop bit. I don't know how to setup
the serial port init vi for this (for example what is the labview code
for even parity? Is it an I8 data type? ).

I downloaded the serial loopback VI, shorted pins 2 and 3 on my serial
cable, and successfully ran the VI which tests the hardware.

Next I configured a modem/serial communication program called minicom
for 2400 baud, 7E1 and am able to successfully r
ead and write to the

So far so good, now just to make it work with labview and build a simple
serial I/O vi.
However I cannot find any decent documentation on serial I/O. I tried
to modify the serial loopback vi by adding inputs for data bits, stop
bits, parity, baud rate but could not make it work. I could not find
any other examples.

Can someone help with this, or point me to a good vi or some detailed

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