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serial port communication with Lakeshore ST-133 controller using LabVIEW driver for model 330 temperature controller

I searched on the website and found an example where the description says that the VI will result in getting a constant voltage output of 5V from the serial port signal. I searched the following phrase "Outputting a Constant Signal From a Serial Port" and its the first result.


In case it may provide any assistance. I am not even sure if it is related to what I need.




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The article is wrong about 5V. Do a little basic research on RS-232. The cable you have was possibly intended for a printer port.

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Thanks for the fast reply. What do you suggest is the best way to obtain a TTL signal from the computer to use it to trigger the instrument?

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Printer port.
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I found an article when I was searching on how to use the parallel port with the phrase"How Do I Use the Parallel Port in LabVIEW?" . This describes a couple of ways to use the parallel port. Will this be useful in obtaining the desired TTL signal I want.

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I read about trying the parallel port but the and the do not work with Windows Vista (which is the OS in the computer I am using) and LabVIEW 8.2 version so this method is no more possible. I finally got a serial port to ttl converter but I still dont understand what commands should I give and how I should achieve a ttl level trigger signal. I am attaching the data sheet of the converter I got. I hope someone could lead me to learn about serial communications now.

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There are quite a few resources online (Wikipedia, Google, etc) and on A couple of links I would start
from are here and here. Let me know if you have any specific serial questions.

Tori W.

National Instruments
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