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serial Communication with a PXI 1428 Framegrabber

Hi folks, I have a question concerning the serial communication with a NI PXI 1428 Framegrabber Card.

We are building a LVDS-adapter that will be connected to the NI PXI 1428 Card. The Communication between the LDVS-adapter and the PXI 1428 shall be done thru the serial interface (embeeded on the PXI 1428). The serial communication of our LVDS-adapter does not  use termination Strings  -- so when reading form the adapter we are getting 8192 Bytes of 0x00 returned.

I have already found a discription and a possible workaround for the problem:

So apparently I will need to use the, but their is one point that is unclear to me. Assuming I use the and I want to read lets say 2 bytes. Lets further assume that the 2 Bytes I will read are 0x00 and 0x00 -- so how do I determine whether those 2 Bytes are actually wirtten by my adapeter or just some empty buffer form the NI PXI 1428.

i hope u understood my question
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