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sequence 3 tasks - create a finite pulse train-create a delay by creating a pulse train-measure pulses

i use a board 6023E and pc pentium4 3Ghz
My problem is how create a delay with few microseconds between two tasks?
I need creat three tasks.
Fisrt create a finte pulse train for this i use a counter.
Second create a delay for this i use again a conter to creat a pulse train in witch the delay is equal to frequency x number of pulses.
Third measure pulses for this i use again a counter but in this case is a counter input.
In attachment i send a picture with my program.
I dont understand why my program dont work? my program take a lote of time during the excution. I think the problem is  between stop une task and start another i would like know how i can resolve the problem if is possible.
picture with my program
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Hi marco,
I have a look of your VI and i think the problem provide from your tasks. You can't start several tasks on the same time exept if you are using different resource for each task. If you want to use Dev1/ctr1 for your tasks, you must dissociate them by stop a task before start another one.
Hope this help.
omar S. NI
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thanks Omar S


Well i don´t Know if you understand the problem. Because like you can see in the ficture i stop the task before iniciate another one. I dont´´no whi  the labview get a lot off time to stop and start another one.

And another question is possible use two counters simultaneosly? Like make one counter be the gate off the other and trigger the two counts at same time. I dont Know but mybe this kind of configuration can be good for control the delay. What you think.



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I hope to understand exactly what you want to do. If you need a long delay with your E series board check the following link

Let me know if it's ok.


Omar S. NI

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