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send data using exel file to function generator

Hi all,

I have one function generator which I controll with LabVIEW, I attached here the simple code.

I would like that code read some data from exel file .

May you please help me?


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1.  Get rid of the stacked sequence structure.  At least change it to a flat sequence structure.

2.  You have two separate lines of execution that could be trying to access the same VISA resource at the same time.  Don't do that.  The "Configure" button should be another event in the same event structure.

3.  Put the buttons inside the event case they belong to.

4.  Search the forums for how to read an Excel File.  This has been asked for so many times before, and teere are so many examples you can find on a search, there is no reason you should need to ask this question in the forums.

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Thanks for reply,

Yes, you are right, I found also some example but I don't know how can I put those in my code and sending to device. May you please guide me a little more?

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The examples you can find are going to be far better than something I can throw together.


Show what you've tried so far.

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And you must include an example of your excel file.
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I used different example like the one that I attached but I can not connect with m device.

Now I can read my datas from Exel but how can I send to generator?

I really confused.


thanks in advance

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