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I am having a trouble with the large amount of data (1,000s of files) that I am sending to my computer from Labview.

After a while it is impossible to find the file that I want, even if I name the correctly. Does anyone know about an easy searching tool?



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Hi hdm,


how do you "send data from LabVIEW to your computer"?


large amount of data (1,000s of files)

Windows gets into problems when there are "too many" files in a directory. Use (more) subfolders or try to generate less files…

Best regards,
CLAD expired, using LV2011SP1 + LV2017 (+LV2019 sometimes) on Win7+cRIO
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Sounds like you need DataFinder - it's an NI tool which indexes all your data files and makes them easily searchable with DIAdem is NIs data management/analysis/reporting tool and it works with DataFinder to help you find data across all of your files.


Take a look at the overview page here:

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I have been using for the last few weeks to organise my data from labview, they offer a labview plugin. You can attach metadata to a file to make searching a bit easier.

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test this 

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Hi Guys, 


Thanks GerdW,  and em586.


I am using rinocloud ( as solution. It has cool tagging and comment data tools. I really like how easy is integrate with LabVIEW. 
Only that it is running as a VIP stage. So, if you want access, send an email to the support team and they will give you the access.  I am actually getting use to this new software. I will update more soon.



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