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scroll block panel with keyboard

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how can I scroll in the block panel with the keyboard?

When there is the need to move far, a block or a diagram in the block panel, it takes much time to scroll with the mouse when something is selected.

Is there any way to use the keyboard to scroll when the mouse has selected something and it cannot use the scrollbars?


Thank you.

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Accepted by topic author nikosfs

You can move the selected items using the arrow keys.

If you hold down shift while moving them, they will move in larger jumps.


Also, if you hold down shift while scrolling the mouse wheel, it will move in larger jumps, but I'm not sure how this behaves when you have something selected.

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Thank you very much!

Can I make longer 'jumps' ?? Like PageUp and PageDown?

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No. You can probably write some special code which will allow you to do this, but I don't know how nicely that will play with the selection either. If you want, you can look up LabVIEW scripting, but be aware that this is relatively advanced material. It's not hard, but it does require knowledge of how LV works.


More generally, if your code is so big that you need to move in such big jumps, it probably means that you have a problem. Breaking up code into smaller modules will prevent this problem and will also come with some additional advantages. You can try looking up some online courses and style guides to learn more about this.

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Thank you.

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