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screen capture specific window

Hi everyone,


I would like to programatically screen capture a program window outside of labview. I don't want a capture of the entire screen a la printscreen, just a capture of a specific window.


Also, the program I'm trying to screen capture might be minimized at the time. Are there any methods that work for a minimized program?



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Here is a hodge podge of techniques that will get you most of the way there using some Windows API functions and .NET calls.  The Windows API subVIs are found here:


Basically I restore the window (wait for Windoze to do its animation) bring it to the front, then capture the part of the screen.  I'll let you handle the reminimization (you may also want to check for it) as well as verifying that the window is on the screen and moving it if necessary.  Finally I restore focus to the screenshot VI.

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