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scb 68 analog output and digital output

Hello Everyone,


I am currently working with a scb 68 in my lab and I have to create a VI that can run both analog and digital outputs at the same time. I can get one part of the code to work either the analog or the digital but I can't get both to work at the same time. Hopefully someone can help me with this problem and that I'm not just missing something small.


Thanks !

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The scb 68 is just a dumb terminal block. What is your actual DAQ device? Attach your code as well.
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Sorry for the late response, The device is NI PCIe-6353 and I attached a copy of the code I am working on now. Forgive the sloppiness of the code, but hopefully you can get an idea of what I am trying to accomplish. Let me know if there is anything else. Thank you for your help.

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