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I want to display values that I am reading from an instrument via a serial port in a graph xy in function of real time.. But I dont know why it's only displaying the last value not plotting the whole curve.



you will find attached the programm 


any suggestions?



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You do not understand the difference between Graph and Chart. A Graph in LabVIEW will ONLY plot the data what is connected to it, and it will erase all old data at the next iteration. A Chart has a "memory", by default 1024 data points are stored. Try to use a chart...




I had a look at your VI. Some advices:


  1. Learn how to use a proper State Machine. This VI has many problems which a state machine can easily solve...
  2. Flat Sequence Structure: Do NOT use it! Think about the Data Flow principle! You clearly do not understand how LabVIEW works. You have for example the Start/Stop combo box: its value will be read ONLY once, and after when you are in the FOR loop, it has no effect any more.
  3. No error handling is implemented.
  4. I see now you try to use a Feedback node to build up your data XY curve. This is a potential memory leak depending on how long you run your code... Also, you will not able to see more pixels on the Graph than the pixel size of the Graph. You should handle this.

I advice you to take the free online courses, also have a look at the following page:

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but when I am using a chart I cannot have the exact time when I am reading. I am having an error of connexion when I am doing it (I am connecting two terminal of different type) 

I actually need to plot R=f(t) so I have two axes X (resistance)  and Y(real time) 


I didn't understand your answer honestly


I am also taking the free courses 🙂 . thank you for your advises. Do you have any suggestions to make it work?

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I didn't understand your answer honestly

That is why you should take some (online) courses in LabVIEW. You do things in your VI which clearly shows you do not understand basic principles. First you should learn a bit deeper LV, so it is easier to help.

It just does not make sense to explain these bugs in your code, since these things are discussed in the beginner tutorials. Like when you connect a control to a FOR loop, and you expect that when you change the value of the control it will take any effect inside the running FOR loop. This means you do not understand data flow. Take the tutorials and learn.

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I think it's actually you who didn't understand the program 🙂

the for loop is for precising how many values do I want to read. It's a program to read the internal resistance of motor when it's cold or hot.

like if I need 7 values he will repeat reading 7 times

it's actually was working really good and stable.   but it was just indexing +1 in the time instead of real time. 


and since I added the XY graph and the bundle I got this problem 🙂 so if you have an idea it would be nice 🙂 


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Accepted by topic author marwah1

It looks like your issue is your Divide for the time.  Your are dividing by an array with 1 element.  Therefore, you will only have 1 X value.  Instead, divide by a numeric scaler and that divisor will be applied to every element in the array.


But a better way is to only do the math once per iteration (instead of once for ever element every iteration).

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