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scan from camera and store in excel

Hello everyone


i am having problem with my VI

actually i have to get the data in this format

18/03/2014    2:10     PIC first comparmtnt       TP022216         25/03/2014        Enter manually

but i am getting it like this

18/03/2014    2:10     PIC first comparmtnt                            25/03/2014        Enter manually

18/03/2014    2:10                                           TP022216         25/03/2014        Enter manually


like i am not getting it in a row itself

should i share my VI

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Hi Zahkay,


One recommendation I would give is to probe your code and/or run it in highlight execution mode. This will allow you to see the string that is going into your tdms file. I would put in some way to monitor the string array input into the TDMS write. It may be tat the data is not getting passed correctly from one case structure to another. Some other tips are to use shift registers instead of feedback nodes if you just want to pass data from one loop iteration to another.

Paolo F.
National Instruments
Applications Engineer
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Dear sir


i am really, i didnt see your reply. I didnt had notifications..

I am able to solve this issue sir no problem.

But now i am having a new problem concerning my coding. Should i say it

here or i should open a new topic for it. It is actually the implementation

of arduino to labview

thank u

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