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scaling problems with DAQ Assist

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I'm a new user and am trying to do some simple scaling of my voltage inputs using the DAQ Assist. For example: one channel inputs around 8V on a 0 to 10V input selection. I am trying to scale it (linear) to show me around 28V by using the y=mx+b formula. My m value is 3.2 and b is 0. What the DAQ assist reads is around 16V instead of 25V (3.2 * 8). I custom make several scales, basically multiplying the input by 2, 3, 4, & 5, but none of them outputs what I would expect according to the formula and even the 5x causes the displayed value to decrease. If I go to "no scale" I read 8V, which is what is actually coming into the 6255 card. Any thoughts?
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Hello DB66,

Keep in mind that the Signal Input Range should be set post scale. What do you have defined as your signal input range, you're readings may be scaling themselves to the signal input range. With a coefficient value of 3.2, your range should be Max=32 Min=-32, since your device likely has a +/-10V range.

Hope that helps.

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