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sbrio-9642 digital IO square wave?

I am new to sbrio-9642. I am using its 3.3v digital IO to generate a 2MHz square wave, but from reading of the oscilloscope, the output is not a square wave.  Is that phenomena normal? Attached is the picture of output of oscilloscope. Thanks a lot!!

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Hi orange,


It looks like you're picking up some sort of outside noise on the signal to give that first 'blip' that you're seeing from 0-1V (there are no voltage labels in your picture, but I'm assuming that's the range there).  The variation in signal at the top (3.3V) seems pretty normal, but I'm not sure what's causing the first bit of noise.  Do you have any motors or anything that might cause the board or the scope to be picking up any noise?  What environment do you have this setup in?

Austin S.

National Instruments
Academic Field Engineer
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