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sbrio 9612 digital input

I have found a really nice example on how to measure frequency on a fpga digital input.  However, when I am trying to find the same method I can't find the wait for rising edge method.  Where can I find that or what am I missing? 





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Attach a link to this example you found.

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Sorry, I suppose that would have made sense to attach what I was talking about.

I can get the fpga I/o method node, but I can't figure out how to get the wait for rising edge trigger.
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I also suppose I should add I am using the built in digital inputs.
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I just ran in to the same problem.  My code worked fine on a 7853R, but when I ported it over to sbRIO 9632, LabVIEW throws an error and doesn't recognize my wait on falling edge.  Basically after reading the forums and scanning the help, it appears that the method is not available for all targets... specifically the 9632 for me.  So I'm going to have to create my own logic for the rising edge. 


See two screen shots attached of LV help for the 7853R and the 9612 and then a screenshot of a vi that worked on the 7853R, but is an unrecognized method on the sbRIO 9632.


If anyone has an efficient way to wait on a particular edge, please post it.  Otherwise I will just use a while loop and wait for the updated value to be different than the previous and the correct level.

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Hey sockanasa,


I think your idea of just using a while loop and comparing you current value with the previous one is as good an idea as any to programatically detect an edge.


Good Luck,


Doug B 

Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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