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sbRIO-9628 temperature reading & watchdog


I need your help , I want to make a RT VI that measure the tempearture of the sbRIO 9628 and if the value is greater than 38° the vi reset the board using watchdog.


Could you please give me your suggestion to meke this VI.


Best Regard.

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What have you tried?  Where are you stuck?


I'll assume you already figured out how to read the temperature.


For the watchdog part, you need to configure the watchdog, and Whack the dog every so often.  So if the temperature is less than or equal to 38°, whack the dog.  Otherwise you don't.  The reset will kick in however many seconds you configured after the last time you whacked the dog.


But is there a reason you want to use the watchdog?  If you just want to reboot if the temperature is greater than 38°, just read the temperature, compare, and run the Reset if it is True.

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