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sbRIO-9609 with Touch Screen Monitor

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We are planning on using embedded UI with a sbRIO-9609 and a touch screen monitor. I know the 9609 has a USB Type-C device port, a USB Type-C host port, and an RS232 port. Is it possible to use a touch screen monitor with these ports and if so does anyone have any recommendations for touch screen monitors?




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An update to this:


We finally received a sbrio-9609 and touch does work through it with embedded UI. But both the touch and video need to go through the host USB port. If the touch is connected to the device port it will not work. I tested this with an ELO touch panel with VGA for video and USB-B for touch. I used a dell hub to split the USB-C into VGA and USB-A. Please see the attached picture for reference.


Thanks -Jon

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