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save image like WMF?

Hello guys,


I am using Lv14 and I use the Exaprom PDF 2.0 to create the pdf files.

I would like to append vectorial files and not capture image. Since if i use the jpg or png the quality of image is poor, when you increase the zoom you see it bad quality.


I was using MS word report and you can load emf files. the look is improved.


In case of examprom you can load files WMF, i know EMF and WMF are very similar.  But is it already any way to save like WMF??. or open EMF file and later save again...

Exaprom can not read emf files, I dont know if it possible mod the exaprom... I would like to know if there is any way to do.


Best Regards.

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Some questions.

  • What is a Vectorial file?  Is this a LabVIEW Graph or Chart Indicator?
  • What is your goal?  You mention a Word Report (which suggests you have the Report Generation Toolkit), but mention a third-party PDF routine.  Are you using both?
  • Did you know you can export an image of a graph, chart, table, picture control, digital data, or digital waveform control or indicator as an .emf file?  [Most of the previous sentence is taken word-for-word from the LabVIEW 2015 Help -- do a search for emf.

Bob Schor

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hello Bob,


Thanks for your help!.


1- I meant image vector file.

2- My goal is to use vector image with Exaprom PDF. This app only accepts jpeg, png, gif, bmp and WMF!.


I used in other time RG toolkit that like I said, The toolkit accept files with emf extension.

Yes, I knows I can export many controls and graphs to diferent image type.


I can save the image in emf file perfectly. The problem is the Exaprom (which it is very good) doesnt accept EMF files, only WMF files.

I tried with AutoCAD file saved in WMF and works fine. There are 2 options:


1- Anyway to save the image like WMF extension.

2- Modification of Exaprom to allow files with emf extension.


I knows both are metafiles archives. Some time ago it was very difficult to do it. I ask now if there are any way to do it.


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I did a web search for EMF to WMF conversion, found a number of methods that can accomplish this.  


Bob Schor

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EMF is the enhanced version of WMF, in several ways actually including the fact that the coordinates used were extended from 16 bit integers to 32 bit integers. An application which understands EMF can support WMF if it is written in the correct way. The opposite is absolutely not true. WMF is a much more limited format than EMF and applications who only understand WMF see an EMF stream as unintelligent gibberish.


Now LabVIEW can import WMF and even EMF to some degree from the clipboard but as soon as you do anything with the image in LabVIEW, it will be converted to a bitmap image. EMF export is not really something it does support. One big problem with WMF/EMF support in Windows is that the standard is pretty loosely documented and the few application that support it have all their own interpretation of the standard. This leads often to dissatisfactory results when using a WMF/EMF file, that was created in one application, inside a different application.


Now if you do a PrintScreen key activation in Windows, windows itself will put an EMF along with a BMP image into the clipboard and EMF aware applications like MS Word will prefereably retrieve the EMF version from the clipboard if you paste from the clipboard. This looks nice and since MS Word is from Microsoft, actually works well with the EMF format that Windows puts into the clipboard.


But with other applications you can get all kinds of weird effects, from wrong colors to single vector points being completely of the target they should be and more. So if you find a screen capture application that supports EMF you could probably do what you want, but it won't be free nor trivial. Expecting for LabVIEW to include full support for EMF is not a good idea, it's Windows only, even by Microsoft considered an old legacy technology and there are many more important features that need to be implemented first.

Rolf Kalbermatter
Averna BV
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