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save and write data into hdf5 or excel file

how to save my waveforms into data Format(in XL or HDF5 fromat) coming from DAQmx read, 

I am using cRIO 9047and LabVIEW 2018.

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You can write an Excel file using the Report Generation Kit (Write Data on an Excel File Using the LabVIEW Report Generation Toolkit), or you could use something like Live HDF5 (Use HDF5 files in LabVIEWLive HDF5 by UPVI) to write HDF5 files (you could also write your own VIs and use the HDF5 DLLs.


Doing this on cRIO would probably be impossible (or at least difficult) so you'd need to stream results to your desktop/laptop host etc. You can use Network Streams for this.


Alternatively, you could write a CSV file more easily on cRIO if "Excel" isn't a strict requirement.

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I would use a tab delimited text file.  Excel can open those up with no problem.


My second choice would be to save the data to a TDMS file and use the Excel plugin to open the TDMS file.  The plugin is part of the LabVIEW installer.  I am certain you can install the plugin by itself.

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@crossrulz wrote:

I am certain you can install the plugin by itself.

TDM Excel Add-In can be downloaded from that link.

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Thank you guys,

I was able to do data logging with Network streams.

I just took a Network variable from waverform graph and shared this variable in VI running on my PC.

But,I was not able accquire data on XL for every seconds. eg, I get data for 5(eg,1st-5th sec) seconds and again it  gets the same data for 5 seconds(1st-5th sec) and then gets data for(10th to15)

Some data for every couple of seconds gets lost.

I am not using any data Buffer in VI running on Crio.




Vishal kaushik



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As a quick pointer, Network Streams != Network Variables (Network Shared Variables).

I would expect that Network Streams will support a much higher data rate than Network SVs, but I'm a little surprised to hear it has a problem at 0.2Hz.

Maybe if you start a new thread, link it here, and discuss the issue you're having, along with some code you're using, we can give better advice.

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Hello ,


My application is i am accquring data from acceleration sensors on NI 9231 on Crio 9047.


here I am attaching the Both VIs, one is running on Crio and other on my PC.

for simlification  i have taken only one accelerometer create Chanel block.

Also, there is Excel sheet showing the time issue.


Also if you can send me link where i can read About data logging through Network streams. 

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