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save 2 different power spectrum in a single graph excel

Good Mourning, well I´m trying to plot 2 power spectrum in a single graph in excel usin the report generation toolkit, the problem is that I can't plot the second because the first plot already contain a 2-D dimension array and I can't figure out how to add the second plot in the Excel Insert Graph VI.


My VI consist in 2 simulate signals going to a power spectrum, the spectrum saves when I push the save button in the front pannel.


Thanks and greetings.

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No one knows what to do? Or should I look another way to save my spectrum.


Please any idea works.

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Good Morning Rolando-stc.


In order to show multiple plots in a single graph in Microsoft Excel you need two create a 2D array. The first row will be the "X axis" values and the next rows will be the "Y axis" values for each plot you want to show.


I attached an example. Please, check it.






José Manuel Vólquez R.

Applications Engineer, NI México.

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Thanks a lot JoseManuel that do the trick in the power spectrum graph, but now I can't plot the x-axis in my amplitud vs time graph.


The x-axis contains real time data, but excel only shows a number 3.4e9 and zeros, I tried with a property node and Get Date/Time in but nothing.


I hope you can help with this new problem.



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Good Afternoon Rolando-stc. The only thing that you need to do is to create an array with the information for your X axis.


Please check the image below. This is an example of how you can modify your application to add time information for the X axis.


IMT José Manuel Vólquez R.

Applications Engineer, NI México.


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Muchas gracias por tu respuesta en ambos foros, pero sigo con el mismo problema ya que añadiendo los vi que me indicaste y colocando los vi de tiempo real y Get Dynamic Data Atributes me sigue apareciendo en todo el eje X el número 3.4e9.


Todo el fin de semana estuve en esto y pues no tengo ni idea de que esté haciendo mal, espero que me puedas seguir apoyandome.


Saludos y gracias.

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