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sample rate cant go high



I am having major difficulties with my design regarding the sample rate im using from the DAQ.


i am designing a spectrum analyzer and i have bought the NI-6120.

in it data sheet it says it can sample up to 800k.. but un my program i can see any signal if i go above 50,000... above that and all the graphs are empty.


im posting my design.. please reffer only to the DAQ, otherwise it looks messy.


all the files needed run are attached in one zip file


thank you for anyone that invest time to solve the problem.


p.s - my guess is that its connected to the clock im giving the While loop to run.. cause im using two.. one for analog output and one for input.



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Good morning Eldad,


As you mentioned your project is complex.  Can you please create a scaled down version of your code with no sub VIs that focuses on the core issue with one analog input task and one analysis step?  This will make it easier to troubleshoot the issue.  Once the scaled down version is working as expected, then a scaled up version can be implemented into your program.  


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