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running Lego Mindstorm with Labview 2019

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Hi All,


I have Lego Mindstorms I use for a teaching Lab.

This year I have had to upgrade my PC's to Windows 10 so I installed LabView 2019 while I was at it.

Now however I realise the 2016 version of Labview is the last one supported for Lego.

When I log into my N.I. account I cannot download Labview 2016 version.

Did anyone else have this problem and if so how did you get around this issue or is there a link to download

the older version as the option is removed from my download profile.




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Are you affiliated with a University or other academic institution?  Might they have an academic license you could use?  Have you tried calling NI and asking their advice in your situation?  I would hope they would be sympathetic to using LabVIEW as a teaching tool ...  You might also try calling the Lego/Mindstorm people.


Bob Schor

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I would call NI, because if you have a valid serial number for LV2016 then you should still be able to download and use LV2016.

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Hi Bob,

Thanks for your reply,

Yes we have a license for LabVIEW the problem is the last Driver - addon pack available for the Lego

Mindstorm is 2016 version of LabVIEW which I can't seem to download from N.I.

There has to be a workaround out there its just trying to find it



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Accepted by topic author DenisMoore

This might explain my situation better

I am new to this particular lab so any advise is gratefully received



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I would assume that package came as VI's or a DLL so it'd work on any newer LV? Maybe it can? I remember installing some addon on an old LV (it didn't have official support for my preferred version) and simply copy the folder to a newer LV and do a mass compile. Unofficial ofcourse, but it worked. Smiley Happy

This process is ofcourse depending on the addon being normal LV code or the right bitness in case of DLL based.

(I think it was the DB toolkit i installed on a 64 bit LV this way)


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I finally found an old install for 2016 all is good


Thanks All

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