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rt Code 56: Can't set IP Setting of my Sbrio 9606 board from Labview code using RT Utilities Tool




I am facing problem in labview. I want to change the IP Settings of my Sbrio 9606 Board using Labview code. I am using RT Apply Target Network Setting (Static) to change the IP of the Sbrio Board. In addition, I am also using RT Get Target Information to retireve the information of the board. Then that retreived information (MAC address and IP Settings Cluster except IP Address) is given to the RT Apply Target Network Setting (Static). Finally, I manually assign the IP Address using Control to RT Apply Target Network Setting (Static). 


When I run the program, it give me following error from error out of RT Apply Target Network Setting (Static).


Error Code 56

NI_Real_Time Libraries.lvlib: FFC Discover Systems (all interfaces).vi<APPEND>

<b>complete call chain:</b>

NI_Real_Time Libraries.lvlib: SET TARGET

NI_Real_Time Libraries.lvlib: RT Apply Target Network Setting (Static).vi:


I would really appreciate any help in this regard.




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Can you upload a screenshot of the code you are running?  Are you running this piece of code on your computer, or on the sbRIO?


Also, can you post the IP Address of the target before and after setting, as well as the IP Address for your computer?

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I have attached the VI and two screen shots. VI is developed for setting IP of SBRIO9606 board. Output of  VI which sets the IP of board is not working and give error 56. My main task is to change IP of the target(SBrio) to any value which I put in IP set control bar.


I am running this code on SBRIO and it's current IP is

PC IP is


Any help in this regard will be appreciated.



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It looks like you are not actually using the new IP Address anywhere in your code.  I modified your code to use this control, and have been able to verify that it functions properly.  Let me know if the attached code does not resolve the problem for you.



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