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rotate through outputs

Currently using the SCXI platform and Labview 2011 sp1.  Until now its use was simply to record data.  We have now purchased 2 more cards, one to control outputs and a strain gauge card.  My question is if I want to do a sequence to control the output card, what would be the best way?  For example I want output 0 to come on for 2 minutes, then output 4 for 3 minutes etc...  I am somewhat familiar with PLC ladder logic so understand the function of a counter or timer but it appears that there is neither.

Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks,

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I would recommend a state machine.  Have one state be an Idle state where you just use an Event Structure to look for a button press.  Set the timeout to something like 100ms.  That can then go to a state where you check the time that has elapsed.  There is a nice Express VI called Time Elapsed.

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