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road detection with LabVIEW/Vision

Hi all,
anyone of you have tried to create a VI that have in Input an image or a video and do road detection?


I must do this project for university.
The idea is that, if i have an image or a frame of a video, i must apply some threshold on image (0 if the pixel is under the threshold, 1 if is upper) and after some algorithms for edge detection (like Canny Operator)


What do you think about this approach? Have you some advice or paper to do the road detection ?


Thank you in advice


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Take a look at the Vision Development Module.


This is what you need to work with images in LabVIEW.  


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Yeah I have Vision in PC Lab but i don't know how can i use it... just right now i looking for some tutorial or how to...

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If you are new to LabVIEW and working with images your best is most likely going to be with the Vision Assistant (Functions Palette> Vision & Motion> Vision Express).  It is the easiest way to work with images in LabVIEW but has some limitations.  It can also be used stand alone from the start menu under National Instruments.


For examples look in the Vision section of the example finder.  To threshold the image look at the example called Threshold Example.  For edge detection look at the example called Edge Detection Example.  I would also suggest searching these forums as a real quick search brought up several discussions that might be helpful.


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Thank you for your advice,

I just work with LabVIEW ma never with the Vision. This afternoon i just see the example that you say. 

The sensation is that my job it's a little more complicated.


But you, and I hope other people in the forum, what do you think about the approach? Have some ideas?


Thank you


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you can also refer to Vision Assistant Tutorial, available from Start>> All Programs>> National Instruments >> Vision Assistant, or to Vision Concepts help, available from Start>> All Programs>> National Instruments >> Vision >> Documentation.

Also Vision Examples can be of help.




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Yeah, the example are a good point to start but i need some ideas for road detection approach... anyone can try to do this task?



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Hi, my job is start. First problem... How i can transform an image in same image but in birds eye view with Matlab?



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I mean Labview!

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